Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, yesterday we went into Bermuda. We did not book a tour there, but decided to get on the ferry and take the trip over to Hamilton. The trip over there was nice and took about thirty minutes. We walked around Hamilton which is a quake small town. We bought one thing, A postcard and mailed it at the post office there. The weather was still decent be we know that will only get cooler from here on in, after all we are going into the north Atlantic and is only the middle of April. We won Trivia in the afternoon getting the all right. Thank goodness someone on our put together team knew who the mayor of Ronald McDonalds town was. We watched a very very funny magician last night, maybe one of the best we have ever seen. Now we have six days at sea, which means lots of food, trivia and cribbage.

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