Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jolly old England

Well, today we arrived in Falmouth, England and we had to use the tender to go ashore (more about that later) and then we boarded a bus to Polperro, a small fishing village along the coast of England. It was basically an all day trip and one of our best so far. Polperro is quite unique with wonderful shops and restaurants. We ate at one, and had a Cornish pastry that is something like a calzone and of course we had to have a pint as well. We really enjoyed the day and when we finally got back to Falmouth and boarded the tender to get back to the Grand Princess, the waves were a little high and we were bouncing all over (almost like a Disney ride), some water came through the top of the tender and then a couple of people became sick and tossed their cookies, fortunately it never bothered Judy or I. It was a great day, tomorrow, Le Havre, France and the Normandy beaches.

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