Thursday, April 9, 2009

We are ready to go

Well, just about ready, the bags are just about packed, we keep throwing things on the floor to pack, hopefully there will be enough room for everything. I must say that Judy is being very frugal with clothes this trip. She has it all worked out, she makes a list of everyday of the cruise, then puts down what she is going to wear that day and while we are cruising she sticks to her list. Me, I just throw a bunch of stuff in the suitcase and decide what I am going to wear when the day comes. Its a tough cruise to pack for, because we will start out warm and end up in the North Atlantic with the weather much cooler. We expect the Normandy beaches to be cool with wind that will make it feel even cooler. We have picked up the rental car and will leave about seven in the morning. We will post everyday with pictures around the ship on the days we are at sea.

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