Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, yesterday went uneventful, the rental car got us to Ft Lauderdale, we boarded the Grand Princess about noon and of course went straight to the Buffet. We met our new tablemates last night and looks like a great bunch. After a night of good sleep, after eating a couple of times we headed for the hot tub and then to get some sun. We are surprised how empty the ship is. We know from past experience that the spring transatlantics’ are tough to fill, and this one is no exception, The Grand Princess holds 2600 and we have heard that we have about 1600 on board. It makes it nice because as you can see, plenty of empty sun chairs. Of course we were in the hot tub on deck 16 and found plenty of empty ones, could it be because we are in the middle of the BERMUDA TRIANGLE. We did poorly at Trivia today, but who cares, we are cruising. Who the heck cares what a “billabong” is anyway. Hopefully tomorrow will be as nice as today and we will be able to enjoy the hot tub and deck chairs again.

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