Friday, April 24, 2009

Normandy Beaches

We arrived late at Le Havre because of a lot of ship traffic. We finally were on our way to Normandy. We first toured the Normandy museum then set off for Omaha and Utah Beaches. We walked on Omaha beach, toured the bunkers where the German defenses were set up. We walked in craters caused by the 16” shells that hit the bunkers from the battleships offshore. We now have a better idea why the casualties were so large at Omaha, the bunkers were so well hidden that the aircraft couldn’t see then and they were looking down at the beach and firing at everything they seen. What finally got the bunkers was rangers scaling a 240 cliff and attacking the bunkers with hand grenades. 160 rangers scaled the cliff, 84 returned unharmed. I have only posted a couple of pictures, but have many more to post when we get home and have a good high speed connection. Judy and I both walked away from this adventure today very touched and now probably agree with Tom Brokow when he calls it the “Greatest Generation”.


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